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Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying. 

Eric has been a lifesaver. My son (sophomore in high school) was despairing about his ability to understand math and totally discouraged. Eric has completely turned things around for him. My son is always so relieved after a tutoring session because things suddenly make sense to him. Eric has also been extremely accommodating and flexible with complex, ever-changing schedules.     –Christina


Couldn’t hope for a better tutor than Eric for my son for Algebra II. My son went from failing and hating the subject to passing and liking it in a couple of weeks. My son is the type of pretty smart student who loses his ability to figure things out after he gets too frustrated. Eric helped him make the shift back from being frustrated to feeling confident for algebra II.      — Jonas


Ana is really good at listening to others. She is thoughtful and adept at weaving different peoples ideas into a lesson plan/class.      –Sophie 


Our daughter just absolutely “did not get math” but had an algebra course to pass. After one session with Eric her confidence skyrocketed and she no longer dreads her homework!     –Joshua


Eric’s really good at finding different ways to help you understand something if you don’t quite get it. He’s also really patient and comes up with strategies to help you be a better student.     –Rio


Eric has many strong suits and is one of the best tutors I have ever worked with. I had a tight schedule and Eric made sure I understood all important math concepts with our limited time. His approach is interactive and conversational. I would definitely recommend Eric to anyone in need of some help.        — Jordan


Working with Eric has really helped me improve in my knowledge and overall understanding of math. He is a great tutor. I felt that he connected very well with me which made it a lot easier to be instructed by him. He’s been nothing but extremely helpful.     — Greyson


Ana was a joy to work with because of her positive attitude and ability to never give up on a child. Her commitment and empathy were also necessary and valued not just by myself, but also by her student’s parents.     —Sean Kim


Ana is a very smart and driven teacher. She keeps lessons engaging and her teaching style encourages me to deeply engage with the material.     –Kevin


I was able to get into my top colleges thanks to Ana’s great feedback! She helped me write the best possible essay for each college. I would highly recommend.     –Matthew


Ana helped me with the SAT and my college essays. Her help combined with her diligence brought great results needed and she genuinely desires success for her students. She adapts to every learning style and personality type and how to best help her students.      —Kenny


Eric has been tutoring my daughter for a few months now in Pre-Calc. She was swamped with AP and Honors classwork and afternoon school groups and started getting behind and losing confidence in math. He helped her get back on track and gain her confidence again. He was easy to communicate with, for me initially and with her for scheduling. Her needs are shifting due to COVID and SAT prep and Eric shifted his skills to that with her. Here is what she said when asked for input on a review: Very patient and sees every problem through. Gives great explanations and background to all problems.      –Gretchen


Eric was very helpful in helping me prepare for the Math portion of the GRE. I hadn’t taken a math class in at least 10 years and Eric was very patient and helpful in refreshing my skills. He was adept at walking me through all the different types of problems required. He also provided resources and tools to help me practice on my own in between sessions. I would definitely recommend Eric as a tutor for math students of all levels.     –Tim


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