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Distance Learning

Near or far, we offer online tutoring via Zoom and BitPaper to keep you learning.

Get More With Distance Learning

We’ve had some practice at connecting online. Most likely, you have too. Together we do more than make the most of it. We make it better. By incorporating video chat, digital whiteboards, document sharing, and screen sharing, we optimize technology.

  • We meet via permanent whiteboard and video call links for easy bookmarking and access.
  • You can review all our digital whiteboard notes anytime, including any shared documents, images, and links.
  • We can schedule sessions with greater flexibility, making it easier to stay connected.

Suggested Technology

We primarily use Zoom and BitPaper to conduct online sessions. Both services are accessible across computers, tablets, and phones and can be accessed in-browser without downloads. All it takes is a good internet connection and webcam/camera to get started. To learn more, you can create a free account with each service at Zoom and BitPaper.

Navigating an online whiteboard with a mouse or touchpad can be tricky. If you want to get even more out of our sessions, we recommend purchasing a digital drawing pad such as the Wacom Intous.

Meet Our Tutors

We come together from different backgrounds with a shared love of learning. We want learning to be inclusive and to live in a world full of critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

Find out more about our experience to see if we make a good fit.